coMET is a web-based plotting tool and R-based package to visualize EWAS (epigenome-wide association scan) results in a genomic region of interest (Martin et al. 2015). coMET provides a plot of the EWAS association signal and visualisation of the methylation correlation between CpG sites (co-methylation). The coMET package also provides the option to annotate the region using functional genomic information, including both user-defined features and pre-selected features based on Encode, Roadmap, and other data. The software is designed for epigenetic data, but can be applied to functional genomic datasets in any species.


Merloc performs a two-dimensional non-parametric linkage analysis using the two-locus MLS (Bell et al. 2006)


Ex-pairs performs exclusion mapping in different types of affected relative pairs (Herrera et al. 2006)


BloodXCI provides simulation models of X-chromosome inactivation and skewing in human blood cells.


KostoHal converts Kosambi cM to Haldane units for sex-averaged maps. KostoHal_ss extensions converts Kosambi cM to Haldane units for sex-specific maps.


eQTLbrowser from Pritchard lab.